Stephan Hellec’s creations combine attention to detail and a constant quest for perfection. He is inspired by women: the way they dress, the fluidity born of the world of shapes. Accessories should not be invasive in his opinion. On the contrary, they must be sober and delicate; only their lines should be noticed.

    The materials are selected scrupulously, both for accessories and for leathers that are procured from the best French and Italian tanneries. The Stephan Hellec Paris trademark gives an undertaking of top quality cottage industry production, a reflection of French culture. He would like to satisfy all the expectations of a very demanding clientele tuned into today’s society. Some bags like the model « PURE » necessitate high precision work involving complex techniques. It has an amazing design, which makes it a unique accessory. One gets the impression that one of the parts is embedded in the other. The upper part of the bag is slightly padded, which gives it the volume necessary to make the break with the lower part. The final assembly of the volume produces a totally pure bag.

    Paris is also the cradle of the brand, and a synonym of refinement, savoir-faire and ultimate glamour. This city steeped in history, provokes intense creativity but it is an astral Paris where everything seems to float that Stephan Hellec is imagining. A sensation where everyone seems enveloped by magic. Like a novel icon, your bag hugs your body, it reveals your steps and illuminates your being. The Parisian spirit is clearly apparent, absolute elegance in a glittering sphere.

The intensity of the colours;

exclusive creations carved

In skins of choice.  

These bags combine relaxation

at the same time offer

an extremely good finish.