Interacting together for better prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in women

The French Federation of cardiology was set up 50 years ago. I share the struggle that it has and I undertake to know even more of its action for better prevention and management of cardiovascular disease among women.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are no longer the preserve of men; they are now the leading cause of mortality among women. CVD affect younger women!

Although efforts are observed in the management of CVD among men, women remain the forgotten:

  • They are less well screened (different cardiac alert men signs),
  • They are less well protected while their hormonal life requires sustained attention. These three key phases are crucial in a woman’s life: contraception, pregnancy and menopause. 
  • They are less well followed during these more difficult times and more prone to cardiovascular accidents. 

It is therefore urgent to act because as long as there are inequalities in prevention and support for women, this scourge will continue to grow!

We must reject these cardiovascular diseases that continue to hurt and kill more women.

“Manifesto FFC women hearts”. By signing this manifesto, I undertake to support the struggle of the French Federation of Cardiology in its fight against cardiovascular disease.

I invite all women to engage and to sign this manifesto for better prevention and support of cardiac risk in women.

I am seeking better information from health authorities, physicians specializing in female gender training, and the establishment of a coordinated care course dedicated to women (general practitioner - gynecologist, cardiologist and pulmonologist).

I also appeal to the general mobilization of the public to join in by the signing of the petition, so that the French government reacts against the scourge of cardiovascular disease of the French Federation of Cardiology, seeking a heart Emergency Plan which will also serve the cause of women.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among women and we do not repeat it enough!

Stephan Hellec is sensitized by this phenomenon. In fact, each day he works in the context of making women more elegant, more beautiful through his creations. That is why he is committed to this cause and has decided to donate 5 € on each of its sales to the French Federation of Cardiology.

This cause serves women of all countries. It is universal.